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NetXtreme ICMP Component Corporate Gold License 1.1

NetXtreme ICMP Component Corporate Gold License 1.1

NetXtreme ICMP Component Corporate Gold License Publisher's Description

The SfbIcmp .NET class library is a collection of managed code classes that simplify the task of developing TCP/IP networking applications working with the Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) in Visual Studio .NET using any of the available programming languages such as Visual Basic and C#. The library offers the flexibility, ease of use and rapid development features of a component without the complexities of working with the native socket class or in-depth knowledge of how the Internet Control Message Protocol are implemented.

With the EchoClient class, you can easily send echo requests using your own data, receive the echo reply message, show and check it. The class is well designed to help you quickly working with the ICMP in either synchronous or asynchronous mode with a few lines of code.

A number of classes representing the ICMP messages are encapsulated in the SfbIcmp .NET library and they are:

  • EchoMessage
  • EchoReplyMessage
  • InformationReplyMessage
  • InformationRequestMessage
  • TimeExceededMessage
  • TimestampMessage
  • TimestampReplyMessage
  • DestinationUnreachableMessage
  • ParameterProblemMessage
  • RedirectMessage
  • SourceQuenchMessage
Key Features
  1. Fully support both event-driven (asynchronous) and blocking (synchronous) application designs.
  2. Supports RFC-792.
  3. Sends and receives ICMP messages.
  4. Echo Reply Message is fully parsed.
  5. Uniform and comprehensive error handling with .NET exceptions.
  1. Royalty free run-time.
  2. 1 year minor and major product updates.
  3. Full Window Vista support.
  4. Support Visual Studio 2005, Visual Studio 2008, Delphi 8, C# Builder and other compliant development environments.
  5. Support Drag/Drop integration within Visual Studio.
  6. Safabyte SfbIcmp can run under both .NET Framework 2.x and 3.x.
  7. SfbIcmp can be used from ASP.NET web pages, Window Form and Web Services.
.NET Technology
  1. 100% managed code written in C# (Complete source code included in the Gold License with Source Code).
  2. CLS compliant (Common Language Specification).
  3. Passed almost Microsoft FxCop's rules.
  4. 100% component code covered by Unit Test.
  5. Object-oriented design created specifically for .NET Framework version 2.x and above.
  6. Does not use unsafe blocks for minimal permission requirements.
  7. Seamless integration with the .NET base class libraries.
  8. Documentation fully integrated into Visual Studio .NET.
  9. C# and VB.NET samples included in the setup package show how to work with SfbIcmp.

Please take a look at the Documentation for more details on how to use the ICMP component.

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